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Totalplus Communications Services

Totalplus Communications offers bespoke Telecom and IT Solutions tailored to exact requirements. With over 30 years experience of the Communications market we tailor the solution to your business and commercial needs. Our experienced consultants can provide advice and solutions on:


  • Telecoms LAN & WAN networks and technologies;

  •  VoIP Solutions for SME from 2 -100 Extensions, based on IP-PBX and Hosted IP Technology

  •  IP MPLS networks - Layer 2 and Layer 3 VPNs

  •  Network Infrastructure such as Dark Fibre, Managed Wave lengths and DWDM.

  • Mobile SIM and MVNO

  •  PinLess Dialling Solutions

  •  Calling Card Solutions

  • Global Services

  •  International VoIP traffic

  •  Virtual Office Solutions

  •  DDI Numbers and Call Routing

For an initial discussion contact our Senior Consultant: Zak on mobile:+44(0)774 8965674 or email: zak@zaktelecom.com


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